1. OralKare collects data from the OralKare.com website (including the e-Store, Newsletter and other associated services) to support administration purposes, marketing and research, upgrading/development and other functions in the course of day-to-day running of OralKare as a service provider.
  2. This website automatically receives and records information on our server logs from your browser, including your IP address, cookie information, and the page(s) requested. Although user sessions are tracked, the users remain anonymous.
  3. If you choose to send an application or an e-mail that contains personally identifiable data, for us to process the application or to render you a service, we may share relevant data within OralKare staff, or if necessary, with Government agencies, so as to serve you efficiently and effectively, unless such sharing is prohibited by legislation.
  4. We may also need to disclose personal data as required by law or a court order. We will not share your personal data with non-Government entities, except where such entities have been authorised to carry out specific Government services or in cases where you have given your expressed consent either in writing or otherwise.
  5. For your convenience, when you are carrying out a transaction using your personally identifiable data, we may also display to you data you had previously supplied to us. This will speed up the transaction and save you the trouble of repeating previous submissions. Should the data be outdated, please supply us with the latest data. We will retain your personal data only as far as it is necessary for the effective provision of OralKare services to you.
  6. To safeguard your personal data, all electronic storage and transmission of personal data are secured with appropriate security technologies to the best of our ability and resources. You understand and agree that this is in no way a claim of foolproof privacy measures, and that risks are always inherent in all Internet communications/applications.
  7. This site may contain links to other external websites within the OralKare network and to some sites outside of the “OralKare.com.sg” domain whose data protection and privacy practices may be different from ours. We are not responsible for the content and privacy practices of these other websites and strongly encourage you to examine the privacy notices of those sites.
  8. Please keep in mind that whenever you voluntarily disclose personal data online – for example on public message boards, through e-mails, or in chat and review areas – that information can be collected and used by others. By posting personal data online that is publicly accessible, you may receive unsolicited messages from other parties (who may not be connected to OralKare in any way) in return.
  9. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Statement, you should first contact the OralKare e-Store Webmaster using the contact form.