The Bass Brushing Method is scientifically proven to remove plaque and clean teeth better than other methods of brushing, and was discovered by Dr. Charles C. Bass after he was diagnosed with advance gum disease.

Some of his findings are:

  1. Bacteria is found mostly along the gum line.
  2. Regular toothbrushes had too many bristles and did not effectively remove all the bacteria from teeth.

The OralKare Diamond Brush is designed specially to facilitate brushing using the Bass Method.

Diamond Handle – The unique handle means that the brush head automatically brushes the gums 1and teeth at a 45* angle, in line with dentist-recommended best practices.

Kompleet System – Three separate types of bristles are in use to give you the best brushing capability. The soft, medium and hard bristles are mixed together in a secret ratio by hand.

Extra long center bristles – The center bristles are set 1.5mm into the toothbrush, which give extra flex to the bristles to flick debris out.

Squeegee Rubber – The central rubber prevents the long bristles from being frayed quickly, and it also polishes your teeth. Hear the squeaky clean sounds as you continue your brushing. Yes, now your teeth are really clean.

Thin Neck – The ability to manipulate the brush head in the mouth improves with a thin neck. High quality materials allow us to have the neck at a diameter of just 5 mm.

Here is how to brush using the Bass Method:

  1. Position the toothbrush with the bristles touching the gum line.
  2. Move the brush back and forth, using short strokes to brush your teeth while keeping the brush at a 45 degree angle.
  3. Make a circle with the brush in your mouth to gently brush under your gums.
  4. Make sure to brush every tooth in your mouth, and keep brushing for at least 2 minutes.
  5. The toe bristles of the brush can be used to clean the lingual (tongue) surface of the anterior teeth.