Oral Kare was founded in 2004 to better solve dental problems and give everyone cleaner, whiter teeth. Experience our products today!

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OralKare Program

Sensitive Teeth

Our toothpastes are designed to be preserve the teeth’s enamel and gumline, two factors that lead to sensitive teeth.

Clean Shiny Whiter Teeth

The scrubbing action from the Plaq Away Diamond Brush with its unique ergonomic grip effectively brushes away plaque for shiny white teeth.

Bad Breath

Fight bad breath with the combination of 11 herbs in our Zen Toothpaste.



Love how my teeth feels really clean after using Oral Kare and how it gets rid of the plague even in places that are usually hard to clean when brushing our teeth!

Crystal Hong / Facebook

It has deeply improved my gum hygiene and I’m elated to share this piece of good news with everyone! Oral Kare has not only resolved my dental problems but it also provided alternatives for me to achieve good oral hygiene. Overall great satisfaction with the product!

Justin Tan / Facebook

Thank you OralKare for making my teeth sparkle! I will no longer have to worry about coffee stains on my teeth.

Xinna Catherine / Facebook